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Pin-bannel cold feed rubber extruder

  • Pin-bannel cold feed rubber extruder
  • Pin-bannel cold feed rubber extruder
  • Pin-bannel cold feed rubber extruder
Model No.︰GE90KS*12/14D
Brand Name︰HUARI
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

1.The screw and the cylinder designed through CAD can satisfy most customer's formula and processing requirements.

2.This machine is improved and innovated on the basis of the original extruder,featuring reliability,economical efficiency and maintainability.

3.All parts,which come into rubber compound,are circulated through cooling water.This machine is equipped with water-temperature regulating system of constant temperature control. Such system adopts suitable water temperature, which can effectively ensure the quality stability of extruded compound.

4.The pin in the cylinder divides the compound layer moving along the screw so as to promote the mixing of hot and cool layers of compounds, to make the heat distribution more uniform and increase the extruded amount.

5.The numerically-controlled speed regulating system is precise and reliable and convenient operation.

6.The flexible design system can satisfy customer's special design requirements within the shortest time.

7.This machine is equipped with various extrusion heads,can be applicable to feeding, sheeting extruding, tube extruding, profiled bar extruding,etc.


Payment Terms︰TT/LC/DA
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