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Rotary curing machine

  • Rotary curing machine
  • Rotary curing machine
  • Rotary curing machine
  • Rotary curing machine
  • Rotary curing machine
Model No.︰DLG-700....2000
Brand Name︰Huari
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
  • Application: The Rotary curing machine can be used for continuous vulcanization of various rubber sheets, rubber belts or rubberized cloth. 2.Configuration description:

2.1 The equipment comprises an unwinding device, a preheating device, a vulcanizing machine machine and a winding device;

 2.2 The vulcanizing drum is provided with an auxiliary heating device, the heating mode is infrared, and the distance between the heating device and the vulcanizing drum is about 50mm;

2.3 The vulcanizing drum is a drilling type roller or a hollow roller, the heating speed is high and the temperature is uniform; It can be equipped with automatic hydraulic deviation-correcting device of steel belt, with high precision;

2.4 The oil pressure control of the tensioning oil cylinder is provided with automatic pressure-supplementing function;

2.5 The rising and down of  upper and lower roller drums are driven by a motor, the bearing blocks at the two ends of each roller are connected by a coupling, being driven by the same motor to synchronize;

2.6 The left and right frame is cast iron;

2.7 The main motor is a variable-frequency motor, and the speed regulation is adopted, and the speed regulation is convenient and accurate;

2.8. All configurations can be increased or decreased in accordance with the customer's requirement in order to meet the needs of different customer needs.

Payment Terms︰TT/LC
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